Large Scale Storage Unit

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A storage and blast freezer protecting your products

The LSSU offers large scale temperature controlled storage capabilities specific for biotech and pharmaceutical environments.

In addition to large scale storage the LSSU holds the functionality of a blast freezer as well, and will then be a part of the process for producing vaccines, medicine or any other biotech and pharmaceutical products.

With the LSSU – we are reducing complexity – and – we make you problems go away

At LOWENCO, we provide ultra-low temperature storage solutions based on transformative, proven technology that allows biotech and pharmaceutical products to freeze to -80°C with only 0.15°C temperature deviation on the product itself, making the LSSU a reliable and safe cold storage solution.

Our LSSU features advanced blast-freezing capabilities that allow for the rapid freezing of products at ultra-low temperatures and provides a powerful method for safely freezing pharmaceuticals. Moreover, we specialize in optimized solutions for large-scale storage – meaning one LSSU replaces 35 upright freezers, reducing power consumption and leaving the smallest possible footprint. Our strong sustainability profile consisting of products with a long lifetime and 99% recyclability means we can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 66% compared to traditional cold storage solutions.

Our ultra-low temperature cold storage units are designed to meet or exceed industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your products are stored in the safest and most reliable environment. Additionally, the LSSU operates on our low-energy technology making it highly energy efficient, reducing the total cost of ownership. Want to know more about our low-energy technology? 

Our advanced temperature monitoring systems provide real-time data and alerts to ensure that your products are always kept at the correct temperature. Over 150 alarms provide extensive monitoring allowing full control and preventive troubleshooting.

Ultra-low temperatures and blast freeze for biotech- and pharmaceutical products

Full redundancy and predicted maintenance ensure the safety of your pharmaceutical products

Our Large-Scale Storage Unit, the LSSU, operates on a fully redundant system, meaning that if one system fails, the other takes over. Ultra-low temperatures are critical for the preservation and storage of sensitive materials, such as pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. These materials require precise temperature control and monitoring to ensure their stability and potency. A fully redundant system provides an added layer of protection and security to ensure that your products are always stored in the optimal environment.

Our fully redundant system for ultra-low temperature cold storage provides multiple layers of protection to ensure that your products are always stored at the correct temperature, even in the event of a failure or power outage. Our redundant system features multiple compressors, refrigeration units, and backup generators to provide a seamless transition of power in the event of an interruption. Furthermore, our advanced HMI System, equipped with over 150 alarms, keeps you informed of any potential failures, providing you with alerts in case of system failure.

The LSSU is a high-quality and truly reliable choice for cold storage with low deviation. It offers a safe, easy-to-manage solution with full redundancy, extensive monitoring, and internal and local service.

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We provide reliable and safe ultra-low temperature storage solutions. In addition, we offer unbeatable reliability and service combined with an easy-to-manage solution that puts safety first.

Our Service & After Sales are pleased to assist you in any way. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business thrive.


LOWENCO offers the smallest footprint with advantages throughout installation and operations

  • 75% smaller initial build
  • Modular and scalable construction
  • Minimum installation time
  • LOWENCO project management
  • High ease of handling and operation
  • Reduced costs and effort for monitoring and managing
  • 35 times fewer validations of BMS probes
  • High personnel safety


The LSSU offers low power consumption through its unique design and setup

  • LOWENCO – LOW ENergy COoling
  • Up to 66% reduction in energy consumption
  • Up to 97% reduction in HVAC
  • Low temperature deviation -more accurate set point and higher energy efficiency


The LOWENCO LSSU has a strong sustainability profile – with low power and CO2 emissions

  • Up to 66% smaller CO₂ footprint due to:
  • Up to 66% less power required
  • Up to 97% lower HVAC consumption
  • Non-flammable, high safety refrigerant
  • Long lifetime and exhaustive warranty
  • 99% recyclable components
  • KMO-certified, environmentally friendly refrigerant handling
  • <75% smaller footprint, reducing construction impact
  • Low energy, long lifetime, small footprint, and 99% recyclability allow for up to 66% reduction in CO₂ emissions.


With full coverage Service Level Agreement, LOWENCO again stands out as the more cost-efficient option

  • LOWENCO’s Total Safety & Security SLA includes full warranty with local technicians
  • The full coverage SLA is significantly cheaper, compared to service of a typical upright freezer park
  • Even with full service, the TCO cost will be up to x% lower compared to the typical upright solution


LOWENCO is dedicated to offer the most Reliable Service & After Sales

  • Internal and local service teams with customized.
  • SLAs
  • Predicted maintenance
  • Long lifetime


The LOWENCO LSSU is as reliable as it is safe.

  • Operating on a fully redundant system
  • HMI System
  • Over 150 alarms in each unit
  • No need for people to enter the freezer
  • High technical reliability

LSSU key features

Storage of up to 3.200 kg. fluid products in bottles, bags or vials per unit, in a temperature range from +10°C to -80°C including the following features:


Blast freeze

Blast freezing of 1.600 kg fluid products from +25°C to -60°C in less than 21 hrs.


Low deviation

Extreme stable storage temperature with low deviation (+/- 1°C).


Fire Rating FR60

Fire rating FR60 ensures up to 60 minutes of fire resistance. Enables insurance (FM Global).


High personal safety

No people in the freezer when handling products.


Low power consumption

Low power consumption compared to similar solutions.


Fast delivery

Possibilities for delivery within 20 to 24 weeks from Purchase Order.

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    How does our LSSU differentiate from traditional units?


    • Build on proven technology
    • Minimum installation time on-site
    • Flexible expansion solutions
    • Custom-made solutions
    • No personal entry – no safety risk
    • Process step and storage step in one unit
    • Control rate of freeze and rate of thaw
    • Fully integrated with BMS/VBMS

    Traditional Refrigeration

    • Comprehensive engineering
    • Long construction time
    • Limited expansion possibilities
    • Expensive project management
    • Depending on specialized craftsmen
    • Safety risk when entering freezer rooms
    • Use of Liquid Nitrogen LN2 for blast freezing

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