Affordable refrigerated containers for temperature controlled storage

With the CON20 we are innovating the world of cold storage. CON20 are developed as a solution with the highest possible flexibility and movability. Install the number of units that fits you need today and at the location you have the need. Extend the capacity whenever needed and move it to a new location, if that will be needed. With the CON20 no construction and buildings are needed, and you are even offered to have separate temperatures in all the CON20 units you have installed. Due to our innovative design, we are offering extremely low power consumption, and depending on the temperature requirement and location, we are offering the possibility to have it fully operated by solar power.

CON20 key features

Storage of all kind of products with a capacity of 4.000 kg. per unit in a temperature range from +10°C to -60°C including the following features:


Solar power

Possibility to operate the units by solar power


Low deviation

Extreme stable storage temperature with low deviation (+/- 1°C).


Fire Rating FR60

Fire rating FR60 ensures up to 60 minutes of fire resistance. Enables insurance (FM Global).


Building system

Extremely high flexibility by modular building system – build your own warehouse with even numbers of CON20 units.


Low power consumption

Low power consumption compared to similar solutions.


Fast delivery

Delivery within 10 weeks from Purchase Order.

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    Revolutionizing the general perception of refrigerated containers

    CON20 Refrigerated Containers

    • Only needs solid leveled ground and electricity
    • Plug n’ Play – Connect to power and the refrigerated container is running
    • Minimum installation time on-site
    • Highly movable, flexible expansion possibilities
    • All brackets, accessories and tools are included
    • CON20 has an ISO container construction for easy transport
    • GMP units can be produced with FM Global approved components
    • Low power consumption
    • Volume from 19.2 m3 to 25.3 m3

    Traditional Refrigeration

    • Requires a building
    • Comprehensive engineering
    • Long construction time
    • Fixed installation, limited expansion possibilities
    • Delivered in minor packages and build on-site
    • Expensive project management
    • Depending on specialized craftsmen

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